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At Fearsome, we are consistently working on new medical device advancements, innovative new concept development, and helping our clients with their design and regulatory processes.

Learn more about our previous clients and read some case studies below.


Our team of engineers and designers is currently working with Neurochase on a ground-breaking neurosurgical toolkit.  We have been undertaking in-depth research, developing products, and performing live surgery testing.

This project has given us many opportunities to work internationally and increase development opportunities internally.

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ISO 13485 Regulated 

The Medical Device Industry is one of the most regulated in the world. All stages of a product's life cycle, including service and delivery, are subject to increasing regulatory requirements. Fearsome employ the latest quality management processes and best practices embedding quality into everything we do.

Our Innovation Facilities 

The development of world-class safe medical devices requires prototyping, building, and testing. With our expanding laboratory, rapid prototyping capabilities, electronics test beds, and model-making capabilities, we are constantly investing in our facilities and equipment. Providing the team with the freedom to build whatever they need for the next project.


Clear Surgical collaborates with surgeons to create new products that address challenges raised by healthcare experts. We worked together to create the OpLightTM after recognising the benefits of increased lighting during surgical procedures to eliminate shadowing caused by typical overhead lighting systems, headlights, or fibre optic systems. The biggest challenge was squeezing the lighting functionality into a tiny package that could live at the end of the surgical retractor. The product has significantly reduced the time spent on the surgery, along with cost savings.

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Dxcover is on a mission to be the world leader in the early detection of cancer. Starting with the world's first cost-effective blood test for brain cancer early detection. Fearsome has supported Dxcover on multiple projects. The main focus of the work with Dxcover has been developing cost-effective, manufacturable sample slides and equipment that would help them increase the efficiency and quality of their present assembly processes. We evaluated all of the obstacles, including assembling tools and facilities and enhancing Slide Indexing Unit parts, and managed all of the system components, including procuring specialist equipment to create the finished slide. You can check out the final result, see how it’s being used, and find out more about this project on the Dxcover website.


PneumoWave is a development-stage digital health company based in Scotland and the US. The company’s proprietary digital technology provides real-time physiological data and patient-centric digital biomarkers with the core focus of preventing deaths and reducing hospital admissions from respiratory causes. We worked together with the company to design a wearable respiratory device that is now being placed on clinical trial as part of the wider clinical research programme.

PneumoWave is also presently working with Dundee University researchers to investigate the physiological impacts of opioid consumption. The data collected will enable the early detection of respiratory depression and the alerting of first responders. 

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"We've been working with the Fearsome team for a couple of years now. They understand the stop-start nature of early-stage projects, and their flexible approach has enabled us to meet the short-term needs for working prototypes while also planning for larger-scale manufacture."


''Really impressed with the thoroughness we went with the user workflow. Definitely think we captured the nuances of the problems that ostomates have with current technology.''

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