New Product Development 

At the core of Fearsome is a wealth of experience in the design and development of products.


Sector Experience

Medical Devices
Offshore Equipment
Ruggedised IP Rated Technologies
ATEX Rated Equipment
Consumer Products

Rapid Design Iteration

We practice the iterative process of prototype, test, and refine as a means of optimising marketability and technical detail. Our studio, workshop, and projects spaces are set up to facilitate this process and each iteration is geared for maximum quality feedback, with minimum input of time and cost. 

We are part of The Whisky Bond community; an ideal hub for product development, with collaborators and prototypers as our neighbours.

Technical Rigour

Technical competence is dear to us and essential for bringing your product into the real world.

To this end, our processes of verification and documentation are ISO-13485 accredited. 


We believe that a product's success depends largely how well it produces positive outcomes for people in a market. We continually develop tools and processes for understanding these needs and converting this understanding into comprehensive product solutions.