Product Development | Innovation Strategy

Knowing where
you're going.

If the launch of a commercially successful product is your destination, then it helps to know the best route for getting there. As with any journey into new territory, navigating a development project is safer when you have a roadmap.




Ignite Symbol.png

IGNITE your market potential.

The Ignite phase is designed to maximise the positive human and commercial impact of your project. 

Underpinning this phase is a systematic process for market engagement and the conversion of emotive, technical, and commercial information into strategy for innovation.  

Explore Symbol.png

EXPLORE solutions: ideate,build, test, refine.  

Explore is about rapid, iterative solution generation. In this phase we lean heavily on the use of low-cost, quick prototyping methods to test a high volume of ideas and gain mechanical and user feedback.

The objectives of Explore are to define the best macro solutions - often embodied in demonstrator prototypes - and define a set of requirements around these solutions.  

Detail Symbol.png

Optimise the DETAIL and verify.

The Detail phase adds technical and manufacturing rigour to the design and verifies it against the formal design requirements.

Iterative stakeholder feedback loops are maintained - with increasing fidelity of prototypes for increasingly rigorous testing.

The Detail phase concludes with a verified, manufacturable solution and comprehensive manufacturing data package.

Deploy Symbol.png

Get ready to DEPLOY your product into your market.

The Deploys phase transfers your successful design into a repeatable production system. 

A supply chain is established and verified by manufacturing and testing a first unit or batch of units. All the design control documentation is finalised and handed over with a comprehensive manufacturing data package.