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Fearsome core strengths are in product strategy, mechanical design, industrial design, ergonomics, electronics & electrical engineering.

Established in 2002 we have a team of design development specialists with complementary skill sets, and a wealth of experience. 

We are strategic, business focused and practical, with extensive workshop and studio facilities. Our service is genuinely end-to-end, beginning often with no more than an intent, and extending to production setup, certification, marketing & launch campaigns.



Dxcover are on a mission to be the world leader in early detection of cancers. Starting with the world's first cost-effective blood test for brain cancer early detection. Fearsome have supported Dxcover in multiple projects. The main focus of the work with Dxcover  has been developing cost effective manufacturable sample slides and equipment that would help them increase the efficiency and quality of present assembly processes. We evaluated all of the obstacles, including assembling tools, facilities, and enhancing  Slide Indexing Unit parts, and managed all of the system components including procuring specialist equipment to create the finished slide. You can check out the final result, how it’s being used, and find out more about this project on the Dxcover website. 


Clear Surgical collaborates with surgeons to create new products that address challenges raised by healthcare experts. We worked together to create the OpLightTM after recognising the benefits of increased lighting during surgical procedures to eliminate shadowing caused by typical overhead lighting systems, head lights, or fibre optic systems. The biggest challenge was squeezing the lighting functionality into a tiny package that could live at the end of the surgical retractor. The product has significantly reduced the time spent on the surgery along with cost savings. 


Medicines Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) approached to us with an innovative but challenging proposal. We were asked to assist in the development and testing of a prototype method for securing IV bags in conventional MSF Land Cruisers during patient transfers. It was a highly collaborative project to figure out how to develop a prototype and take it to market. The final prototype has been successfully tested, deployed in challenging environments across the world, and the MSF is currently in the process of funding the project's next phase.


We are proud to be working with Neurochase to help them accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative therapeutics for the central nervous system (CNS) by creating next-generation interventional engineering tools for functional neurosurgery. As the project is still ongoing, we cannot share exact images and details of the designs and products we are creating, but we wanted to give you an opportunity to recognise that we are working in this field.

Check out the latest updates about the project on the Neurochase website


PneumoWave is a digital health company developing technology capable of real-time detection of life-threatening respiratory emergencies. We worked together with the company to design a wearable respiratory device that is now being placed on clinical trial as part of the wider clinical research programme. PneumoWave is presently working with Dundee University researchers to investigate the physiological impacts of opioid consumption. The data collected will enable for the early detection of respiratory depression and the alerting of first responders. If you want to learn more about PneoumoWave, check out the most recent press release.