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Fearsome  |   Senior Product Design Engineer

At Fearsome we strive for excellence in product development:


  • Ambitious in analysing complex needs, and devising exciting new concepts

  • Powerful in developing those concepts to create innovative & useful new solutions

  • Rigorous in delivering those solutions to the market in a safe & reliable manner. And we look to bring certain behavioural attributes to the table, individually & collectively:

  • Progressive in everything, always the next step, never dwelling

  • Honest

  • Confident, definite, focused and purposeful

  • Up-front about problems, solution focused, embracing learning

  • Excited about innovation, change and trying new approaches

  • Commercially minded, strategic and always on the big picture

  • 7. Project minded, able to see beyond emotions and personal stances

  • 8. Positive, optimistic, what you believe can be done can be done

  • 9. Striving for the highest standard possible in everything

  • 10. Respectful of the contributions of others

We are first and foremost a client-serving business, seeking to use our experience and skills to
create exciting and useful new products, and to further the interests of our paying customers.


We work hard to understand clients’ ambitions and to align our work with their strategic agenda. We work in medical devices, industrial and consumer products - many of the products we design are destined for strictly regulated industries, with safety critical functions, so we have to marry high creativity with rigorous processes to align with the necessary regulatory schemes.
Delivering against these objectives is demanding - we need able, skilled and motivated people in
the team to make it work. At this time we are looking for an experienced design engineer to join
Fearsome and further strengthen the team.

Senior Product Design Engineer
Role Description


  • Embrace the behavioural values, and the high standards of creativity & technical rigour, that we aim to be associated with, and strive to embody these in all the work you do.

  • Work with Project Leads to plan product development projects, identifying effective and time efficient ways of delivering for the project, helping to define the associated sequences of tasks, and to set budgets.

  • Take ownership in design projects, working autonomously within the overall scope agreed with the Project Lead, to deliver high standard of design output. Please note that we do not expect people to work alone - on the contrary collaboration with team-mates is an integral and crucial part of the work. However it is expected that you will, as a senior designer, not require significant hand holding from others in order to make strong progress in projects.

  • Contribute positively to the design group - demonstrating positive thinking, calm, good humour, ambition to do the best job possible - and to enjoy the creative process. Embrace the suggestions and contributions of others, as well as bringing your own focus when others need your input.

  • Generate a high standard of design output, be that 2D (visual presentations, documents, drawings) or 3D (lo-fi concept prototypes, presentation models, higher-fi test prototypes) that can go in front of the client and impress, as well as being effective in driving the progress of the design project, and aligned with the relevant aspects of our own quality management system and/ or external regulatory frameworks as required by the project.

  • Participate in client updates and review meetings, to support the Project Lead by providing a clear, insightful and reassuring window into the design process.

  • Work to time and budget - outputting what the project needs, to the requisite high standards, by the dates agreed and with the budget that is available. As a consultancy ou currency is time, and a prime challenge is setting - and meeting - high standards while also being commercially effective ourselves.

  • As an experienced member of the team you will be asked to contribute to ongoing improvement of working methods - spanning the full development process - to continuously improve the way we work, how that is controlled via SoPs, how it is documented, and how it is conveyed to others (colleagues, clients, prospective clients) - drawing on your own previous experiences, as well experience of project delivery at Fearsome.

Skills & Aptitudes Sought

While we may not find all of the following in a single candidate the wish list is as follows:

  • A motivated self-starter.

  • Someone for whom design is more than a job, and there is a strong desire to innovate and produce novel creative work of an ever improving high standard.

  •  Attention to detail, proven ability to focus and see a new concept through to finished article.

  • Demonstrable ability to take an embryonic notion of a new concept, or a design objective, and strike a purposeful creative path - generating possible technical approaches, experimenting, working in agile iterative loops in a hands-on fashion, to devise, evaluate, refine towards workable solutions, and produce proof of concept demonstration systems.

  • Experience in taking early proof of concept solutions and driving them through rigorous development, detailing, design for manufacture and design verification activities, including generating the documentation that needs to accompany a final design solution.

  • Experience developing complex design solutions - that might involve several engineering disciplines e.g. usability & human factors, visual ID, mechanics, hardware, firmware, software, optics - with several interacting subsystems needing developed in harmony by a team of people.

  • Working knowledge of electronics and software, and the ability to use off-shelf hardware e.g. Arduino for prototyping and testing of functions.

  • Working knowledge of electromechanical systems, including specifying actuators for a given function, being able to design, build & test electromechanical concepts.

  • Working knowledge of a spread of prototyping methods (e.g. 3D printing, casting, laser cutting, sheet metal fabrication, welding, machining) and experience of using these in creative ways to drive projects forward.

  • Working knowledge of a spread of volume manufacturing methods (e.g. injection moulding, pressing, machining, volume PCB manufacture) and experience of using these, and working with manufacturing partners, to put new products successfully into production.

  • Experience of medical devices, and the associated regulatory challenges. Working knowledge of ISO 13485 in particular for control of design & development activities, and the associated documentation trails that need to be generated for design history file, and technical file.

  • Experience in applying risk management activities to a new product development process.

  • Ability to work to deadlines, finding ways of fulfilling the need of the project for a certain milestone.

  • Demonstrable ability to produce compelling visual materials to convey design outputs to clients.

  • Ability to articulate design thinking, grasp and explain often ambiguous & uncertain subjects - whether that be to your colleagues, suppliers or customers.

Desired Background & Experience

  • Degree level qualification in PDE, mechanical design, mechanical engineering or similar

  • 5+ years relevant experience

  • Experience of working within a consultancy environment



  • Generous holiday package

  • Pension scheme

  • Flexible working arrangements (hours and location)

  • Tight, friendly team with ambitious work ethic