Why Do People Buy Products? (The Story of Our Rebrand)


Often when a person changes their name, it’s an outward expression of an inward transformation: a coming of age, a religious rite, or a new family. And for Fearsome, formerly known as Fearsomengine, our rebranding was no exception.

Since 2002 we have been developing products for a range of clients, in a variety of industries: medical devices, ruggedised ATEX products, subsea equipment, and various innovations for the domestic market. But in recent years we've tempered our understanding of what this looks like and how we outwork it practically. 


What we are more sure of than ever is that the value of a product - the reason people will buy it - doesn't lie in the technology itself, but in that product's ability to creative positive experiences.  

For example, very few people buy an internet router for the technology itself. We buy them because they enable something good: connection with people across the globe; the ability to work from home; access to thousands of streaming movies. People buy convenience, comfort, safety, connection, health, reliability, status, and a myriad of other positive circumstances. 

Our rebrand to Fearsome is an outward reflection of this thinking. But more importantly, it reflects the culture and working practices that we have developed to give this thinking tangible, commercial value for our clients. The tools and processes that allow us to convert a market's emotive values into innovative product solutions. 

Motivations, behaviours, and context have become the starting point for projects and now form the basis for formal design requirements. We've gone from simply fulfilling design briefs to forging them from people's stories. We view innovation as a pro-active process, rather than a random moment of inspiration. It's a strategic approach, underpinned by a set of well rehearsed methods. 


Something else our rebrand hailed was our move to The Whisky Bond creative community, and with it a more hands on approach to product development. Our studio, workshop, and project zones are a practical outworking of the belief that design solutions are best optimised for market and manufacture through an iterative process of build, test, and refine. And TWB provides the ideal conditions for rapid design iteration, with makers and collaborators on our doorstep. 


Product design is still at the core of what we offer. But we believe that our perspective on this has matured, and our methods accordingly. To mark this coming of age, we changed our name to Fearsome.

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